Team leads - please note the following ordering policy for your teams:

All EAF staff are required to wear logo uniforms at all times. This includes your Admin, Tours and Weddings weeks.

  • Uniform allotment
  • Full time staff = 4 uniform items
  • Wedding Day Managers = 4 uniform items - (1) should be choice of a cardigan option 
  • Interns & Security = 3 black t-shirts - required item #PC55 basic 50/50 blend t-shirt
  • All EAF logo wear must be returned to the team lead upon departure from EAF to receive clearance for their final paycheck.

210 Adult Long Islander Sun Protected Tee

214 Women's Long Islander Sun Protected Tee

C112 Trucker Hat

DT5002 Women's V-Neck Tee

DT6001 Ladies Fitted T-Shirt

DT6201 Ladies V Neck Long Sleeve Tee

ED1354 Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

ED5356 Women's Short Sleeve Blouse

KP55 Men's Soil Release Polo Shirt

L545 Ladies Open Y Neck Cardigan

L612 Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Twill Shirt

L807 Ladies Soft Interlock Cardigan

LKP155 Women's Soil Release Polo Shirt

LM1008 Women's Stretch Cardigan

LNEA101 Women's New Era T-Shirt

LPC61 Ladies Cotton Tee

LST353LS Ladies Dri Fit Mesh Long Sleeve T-Shirt

LST400 Ladies Tri Blend Wicking T-Shirt

LST468 Women's Henley

LW702 Women's Mock Wrap Crepe Blouse

MM1017 Women's Relaxed Stretch Scoop Neck

MM2011 Women's Stretch 3/4 Crepe Blouse

MM3013 Women's Stretch Pullover

PC55 Basic 50/50 Blend T-Shirt